Thursday, May 17, 2007

The ego is something that deprives you of your dignity, that deprives you of your pride, because the ego has to depend on others, on the opinion of others, on what people say. The ego is very fragile. The opinion of people can change and the ego will disappear into the air. Ego is a by-product of public opinion. They give it to you; they can take it away. Pride is a totally different phenomenon. The lion has pride. The deer in the forest-just look-has a pride, a dignity, grace. A peacock dancing or an eagle flying far away in the sky-they don't have egos, they don't depend on your opinion-they are simply dignified as they are. Their dignity arises from their own being. This has to be understood, because all the religions have been teaching people not to be proud-be humble. They have created a misunderstanding all over the world, as if being proud and being an egoist are synonymous." "Pride is the dignity of man. Ego is a false entity and one should never think of them as synonymous.
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