Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Truth is beyond argument. It cannot be proved, it cannot be disapproved either. All argumentation about truth is utterly futile. Hence philosophy goes on missing the point. That's the difference between philosophy and religion: philosophy argues, religion experiences. Through argument you go about and about, round and round in circles, but you never penetrate the core of the problem. You do much speculation but it is all verbal, chattering of the mind. You can be very convinced by your own chattering but it doesn't transform you. Truth Liberates but truth enters into ones being only when argumentation ceases, when there is no argument inside. One is utterly silent, one has no prejudice this way or that, for or against. One has no knowledge, because all knowledge is based on argumentation. One does not know whether God is or is not. One simply knows not. In that pure state of not- knowing, truth happens. To function from that state of not - knowing is be in meditation.
Let Go.
Darshan Diary.
Thursday. April. 20. 1978.

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