Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I have heard one beautiful story, a Sufi story, "The Golden Door"... Two men prayed, and went their separate ways. One gathered wealth and power, people said he was famous, but there was no peace in him. The other saw the hearts of men -- glowing as lamps even in the darkness of their own secret fears. He too had found richness and power; and his wealth, his power, was love. When simply, kindly, tenderly he touched his fellow men with all the richness and power of this love, the light within grew clear and bright with courage and with peace. Both men one day stood before that golden door through which all men must pass to the greater life beyond. The angel in the soul of each asked, "What do you bring with you? What have you to give?" The one who was famous recounted his exploits. Why, there was no end to the people he knew, and the places he had been, and the things he had done -- and the things he had accumulated. But the angel answered, "These are not acceptable. These things that you did, you did for yourself. I see no love in them." And the famous one sank outside the golden door and wept. He had been too busy to be kind. Then the angel in the soul of the other asked, "And what do you bring? What have you to give?" And he answered, saying, "No one knows my name. They call me the wanderer, the dreamer. I have only a little light in my heart, and that which I have, I have shared with the souls of men." Then the angel said, "Oh, blessed one, you have the greatest gift of all. It is love. Always and always, there is enough and to spare. Enter!" Then said the wanderer, "But first let me give the extra measure to my brother, that we may BOTH walk through the door." The angel was silent; for in that moment a great light shone around the simple wanderer like a radiant mantle, enveloping both himself and his friend. The golden door was opened wide, and they walked through it together!
Yoga: Alpha & Omega

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