Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Once it happened that a disciple came to a Zen master and asked, " Why are a few people so intelligent and a few so stupid? Why are a few people so beautiful and a few so ugly? Why this inconsistency? If God is everywhere, if he is the creator, then why does he create one ugly and another beautiful? And don't talk to me about karmas. I've heard all those nonsensical answers -- that because of karmas, past lives, one is beautiful and another is ugly. I'm not concerned with past lives. In the beginning, when there was no yesterday, how did the difference come? Why was one created beautiful and another ugly? And if everyone was created equal, equally beautiful and intelligent, how can they act differently, how can they have different karmas? "
The master said, " Wait! This is such a secret thing that I will tell you when everybody has left. " So the man sat, eager, but people kept coming and going and there was no chance. By the evening everybody had left, so the man said, " Now? " And the master said, " Come out with me." The moon was coming up and the master took him in the garden and said, "Look, that tree there is small, this tree here is so tall. I have been living with these trees for many years and they have never raised the question of why that tree is small and this tree is big. I used to ask the same question sitting under these trees. Then my mind dropped, and the question dropped. Now I know. This tree is small and that tree is big; there is no problem. So look! There is no problem.
Page 147.

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