Saturday, May 19, 2007

Society is afraid that when you drop into yourself you drop out of its grasp; that’s why it is against meditation. In this vast world, out of millions of people, only very rarely does somebody become interested in meditation. It is not an ordinary pursuit, it is extraordinary. That it happens at all is a miracle because in fact all the vested interests are against it. Society does not want you to meditate because a meditator starts falling out of society. Because a meditator becomes capable of seeing all the stupidities, all the superstitions of the society, he cannot be any more part of its nonsense. The meditator knows no distinction between black and white. All that seems to be so childish; deciding by the color of the skin is so foolish. An intelligent person can not do that. Hence politicians will be against meditation, the state will be against meditation because a meditator becomes very strong in his soul; it is impossible to enslave him. He becomes an individual and he asserts his individuality.
The Miracle.

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