Thursday, May 17, 2007

There is a great law called' the law of affirmation‘: if you can affirm something deeply, totally, absolutely, it starts becoming real. That’s why people are in misery, because of that law: they affirm misery. That’s why people are happy, but only a few people, because only a few people are aware of what they are doing to their lives. Once they affirm joy they become joyous. Make it a point: stop affirming negativity's and start affirming positivities. Within a few weeks you will be surprised that you have a magical key in your hands. For example, if you get sad easily, then every night before you go to sleep affirm twenty times silently, deeply, to yourself but loud enough so that you can hear it, that you are going to be joyous, that this is going to happen, this is already on the way. You have lived your last sadness... good-bye! Repeat it twenty times and then fall sleep. And in the morning when you first become aware that your sleep is gone, don’t open your eyes, repeat it again twenty times and see the change in the day. You will be surprised -a different quality surrounds you. Within seven days time you will have affirmed something and known the result of it. Then slowly, slowly, drop all negativity’s. Choose one negativity for one week then drop it. Choose one positivity and imbibe it.
Monday 24 April 1978.

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