Monday, May 21, 2007

It is one of the greatest crimes to claim enlightenment when you are not-because this is the greatest deception you can give to humanity. It is the ugliest phenomenon. You can be a con man, cheat people out of their money, their belongings, their houses, their wives, their husbands, anything; that is immaterial that does not matter much. But a con man as far as enlightenment is concerned is cheating you about your consciousness, about your very being. He is doing some kind of violence, which is invisible, but which is the worst that can be done by any criminal..... All kinds of cheats, thieves can be forgiven, but the people who are playing with your consciousness, with your being, cannot be forgiven... Any claim about inner realization that is false is the greatest crime in the world.
The Rajneesh Upanishad.

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