Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My interest is in you! And when I see that you are filled with a certain prejudice I have to bring that prejudice to the surface so you can see it. All kinds of moral, puritan programming -- I have to fight so many enemies that you are nursing within you! But my whole concern is to make you utterly empty. So I am not preaching anything; I am not supporting anything. I don't have any doctrine, no philosophy, no cult, no creed. My whole effort is to clean your inside completely from all that the society, the education, the religion, the family, have forced into you. Unless you get rid of it you cannot grow in meditation. You cannot become a Buddha I am not a politician, but that does not mean that I am not interested in human welfare. And I will say things which may hurt your prejudices. I want to destroy your prejudices completely. I want to create a vacuum. That vacuum is absolutely needed; otherwise you don't have space to grow to your potential. You are filled with religious rubbish, you are filled with political rubbish, you are filled with economic rubbish, all kinds of ideas that you have borrowed. You are not having your own insights -- that rubbish prevents it, it keeps you blind, it gives you a sense of fulfilment which is false. So remember it. It will be very difficult for outsiders to understand me, almost impossible. Misunderstanding is the only possibility for me as far as the outside world is concerned. But at you should not misunderstand me.
Rajneesh Times.
June 1.1989.

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