Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The same thing can be right to one person and wrong to another, because it more or less depends on the person. The same thing can be right in one moment for a person, and in another moment it can be wrong, because it depends on the situation. You've been taught in Aristotelian categories. This is right and that is wrong. This is white and that is black. This is God and that is the devil. These categories are false. Life is not divided into black and white. Much of it is more like grey. And if you see very deeply, white is one extreme of grey, and black is another extreme, but the expanse is of gray.Reality is grey. It has to be so, because it is not divided anywhere. There are no watertight compartments anywhere. This is a foolish categorization, but it has been implanted in our minds. So right and wrong go on changing continuously. Then what is there to do? If somebody wants to decide absolutely, he will be paralysed; he will not be able to act. If you want to act only when you have an absolute decision about what is right, you will be paralysed. You will not be able to act. One has to act, and to act in a relative world. There is no absolute decision, so don't wait for it. Just watch, see, and whatever you feel is right, do it.
Number. 82.

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