Sunday, May 13, 2007

It is always worth considering,' Am I blissful the way I am living?' If one is not then one must take risks. New paths, new lifestyles, a new search will have to be undertaken. This much is certain: you have nothing to lose. You did not find bliss through your old lifestyle. If you had there would be no need for the new. The old has become meaningless, this much is certain. The new can turn out to be meaningful or it can turn out to be meaningless. But at least in the new there is a possibility of it being meaningful. The old has been through the press. You have seen it, understood it, and lived it without receiving anything. As if one had been trying to extract oil from sand. How long will you wrack your brains trying to get oil from sand? I do not say that the new will definitely give you bliss, because bliss is less dependent on the path than on the traveller, the one who travels on it. Hence the real change is not in the path, the real change is in the traveller. But to change paths is a beginning. You are outside, so the transformation also has to begin from the outside. If you gather courage to change the outside it will strengthen your courage to change inside. And if a few drops of bliss start showering on you then the search for the new will begin with joy and eagerness."
Tarot in the spirit of Zen.
Page 31.

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