Friday, May 18, 2007

If you decide before hand that you cannot do something, you will not be able to. Your decision will affect your life. It will become an auto suggestion. It will become a seed. It will sabotage your whole life. Even you cannot decide what you can and cannot do-you have to do it, you have to see for yourself. Only life decides. So it is simply foolish, childish, to decide beforehand-but many childish things continue. The tape keeps playing itself, and if you play it too much, it becomes habitual. It is a trick of the mind to avoid. Once you decide that you cannot make it, then why bother? Why struggle? Why so much conflict, effort? You know already that you cannot make it. It is the mind finding a rationalization so that you can avoid struggle. And of course, if you avoid effort, you will not make it, so you fall back on your decision. You say it was right, it was always right; you knew it beforehand. These are self-perpetuating things in the mind. They fulfil themselves, and the circle goes on moving, the wheel goes on moving. Take twenty-four hours and write down everything that you can remember of how you have been sabotaging-everything in detail. Look at them from every angle, and then don't repeat them. It will become a meditation.
Number 324.

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