Sunday, May 13, 2007

To become a sannyasin means to be initiated into the citizenship of love... to become part of a melody that cannot be heard only by ears, that can be heard only through the heart. It is to become aware of a cosmos, of a whole, that holds everything together. That whole is called God. You can call it the melody of existence, the music of the spheres. Whenever two people are in love a little of that music is heard, just a little. When three people are in love, a little more. When more people are in love, God becomes more and more available. So you are entering into a love community-that is the meaning of sannyas. From now onwards, you will be part of the'....' people. Lose your self in them, and that is the way to find yourself..
Let Go.
Darshan Diary.
Thursday, April 13. 1978

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