Saturday, May 12, 2007

Do you think it is more worthy to seek enlightenment than to seek money?

OSHO. All ambition is the same. All ambition arises out of an inferiority complex. An intelligent person, by his very intelligence, becomes non-competitive. Intelligence is non-competitive. Intelligence can see the whole absurdity of it. Intelligence can see’ I am myself and there is no need to compare myself with anybody else. I am neither higher nor lower. Not that I am just like others-I am different-but there is no higher and lower.' We are all different and unique human beings, but nobody is lower and nobody is higher-the whole effort to become higher is stupid. A man can go to the monastery. He cannot earn money there, but he can earn virtue. He can become more and more religious, he can meditate more than others-he can become the greatest meditator. He can repress himself more than the others and can become the greatest saint. Again an attitude is bound to arise: The attitude of holier than thou. It is the same politics, the same competition, the same ego. Nothing has changed; only the object of competition has changed, but the subject remains the same. Now there will be politics again. You can see a continuous hierarchy from the lowest priest to the pope. The lowest priest is trying to reach the highest post. Every bishop is trying to become the archbishop. Once they were trying to rise in political power; now they are trying to rise in religious power. But the whole effort is the same.
Ecstasy-The Forgotten Language.

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