Monday, May 21, 2007

It is possible that some day in the future psychoanalysts will say that in the past people had fixations -- somebody was a homosexual, fixed; somebody was a heterosexual, fixed -- now people are more free. That will become the normal, healthy consciousness -- freedom. That to is a freedom. Always look at things so that you can find something good to be happy about. Life is short, and happiness is very difficult, so don't miss any opportunity to be happy. Ordinarily we go on doing the opposite: we don't miss any opportunity to be unhappy -- everything makes us unhappy! Heterosexual are not happy and homosexuals are not happy. The homosexual is worried: how to get out of it? And do you think that heterosexual are very happy? They don't seem to be happy at all. They are burdened with a thousand and one problems. People who are bachelors are unhappy, they feel they are lonely. And people who are married are unhappy -- they think why did they get tied in the first place? Everybody is unhappy here; and my whole approach is to make you happy. Now there are two ways: either I should tell you' Do this, then you will be happy.’ Then you will never be happy -- this is what has been done to humanity. There have been people who have been saying’ You can be happy, but do this first. First be heterosexual then you will be happy.' Now they have created unhappiness for you. For the heterosexual they say' Become celibate, then you will be happy.’ They always have clues for people.’ Whatsoever you are not' they go on saying' be that and you will be happy.’ And you cannot be that, so you are never happy. And you never see the trick of it, that this is the whole process of making you unhappy. I want you to be happy right now, so I cannot say' Be that.’ I can simply say’ Whatsoever you are, be happy in it‘! If out of happiness it changes, good; if it doesn't change, very good. Relax!
Price of Admission Your Mind.

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