Wednesday, May 16, 2007

When people say something positive about me it's really hard to believe them but when people say something negative about me at once I feel that they are right."

OSHO replies:

Just change the old pattern: when people say anything positive, believe it. Howsoever extravagant, exaggerated, believe it! And when people say anything negative, just laugh at it. Just change the whole pattern because your pattern is wrong. Always believe the positive because it will help. It will make you more open, it will be more exhilarating to your life energies. But this is what everybody is doing. It is nothing special, everybody is doing that: when somebody says something negative you immediately accept it. Even if on the surface you deny it, deep down you accept it. And when somebody says something positive, even if on the surface you smile and say' Thank you' -- deep down you reject it. The reason is that nobody loves himself. So when somebody says something negative it fits with your idea of yourself. When somebody says something positive it doesn't fit with your image of yourself. You have been taught to hate yourself so the negative fits and the positive simply looks absurd.
Saturday 22 April 1978

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