Saturday, May 19, 2007

Just now it is raining. You will be going back home. You can take it in an Aikido way, or you can take it in the ordinary way. The ordinary way is that you see that your clothes will become wet, or you may get cold, or this may happen, or that may happen. And you will be against the rains. You will be running towards home in a bad mood, antagonistic. This has happened many times. Now you try Aikido. You relax; you enjoy the falling drops of water on your face. It is tremendously beautiful. It is so soothing, so cleansing, so refreshing. What is wrong in your clothes getting wet? Why be so worried about it? They can be dried. But why miss this opportunity? The heaven is meeting the Earth. Why miss this opportunity? Why not dance it? Don't rush and don't run. Slow down,enjoy.Close your eyes and feel the drops falling on your eyelids, moving on your face. Feel the touch of it. Accept it.... a gift from heaven. And suddenly you will see it is beautiful, and you have never looked at it that way. Try it in ordinary life experiences."
The Discipline of Transcendence.

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