Monday, May 21, 2007

Just watch your mind for a few days and see what is the thing that takes most of your energy: jealousy? Lust for power? Ego? Just watch whatever takes most of your energy, and you will find what is your chief characteristic, and that is your number one enemy; and you have always thought that that is your number one friend....Gurdjieff had his own ways to find it. He will force his disciples to drink as much wine as possible. He will go enforcing them. And by midnight every body was flat on the floor, and then he will go listen to what each is saying.And this will continue for days, and then he will figure it out, what is the chief characteristic of that man, because in his unconscious that chief characteristic will surface...With me things are easier....My method is so simple. Just put down in your diary for seven days, noting everyday what it is that takes most of youre time, what it is that becomes your fantasy most of the time, where your energy always moves readily. And just watching for seven days,noting in your notebook, you can find your chief characteristic. In this finding is half the victory. It gives you a great strength,that you know the enemy.And then the second part is very simple: now be aware of it. When the enemy attacks, don't react. When it comes,you just remain cool. Just watch it, as if something is passing on the screen, and you have nothing to do with it.If you can remain detached, unaffected, suddenly a great energy will be released which was contained in your enemy,which you were putting into that enemy every day.You were watering it, you were caring about it. If anybody pointed at it, you were very angry; you protected it in every possible way. You have all kinds of rationalizations. Now you are simply watching. All the energy is simply released. You will feel revitalized. Your whole being suddenly becomes new.And then go looking for the enemy number two, then enemy number three, because you have to finish all the enemies.The day you don't have any enemy left in your mind,you have a grace, beauty, and a great energy that blossoms in thousands of flowers.

The Transmission of the Lamp.

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