Sunday, May 20, 2007

Meditation is a science, not a superstition. Meditation says you experiment with your mind-it is to full of thoughts; thoughts can be disbursed, the clouds can be disbursed, and you can attain to an empty sky of your inner being. And it needs no trust-just a little courage, a little effort, a little daring, a little persistence and perseverance. A little patience, yes, but no trust. You don't believe in God? That is not a hindrance to meditation. You don't believe in the soul? That is not a hindrance. You don't believe at all? That is not an obstacle. You can meditate, because meditation simply says how to go with inward. We don't make any condition that you have to believe. We say only that you have to experiment. Just try. Then it is not something like a dogma; it is not a creed, it is an experience-self evident..
Come Followed To You.

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peyton swayer said...

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