Monday, May 21, 2007

What happens is that the mind gets into a double bind.For example if a person is negative, she suffers. But by being negative, she enjoys a few things that a positive person cannot enjoy. For example a negative person will be thought to be very intelligent. A positive person will not be thought to be very intelligent because the positive person will not criticize anybody.The positive person will look shallow, and the negative person will look very deep.So if you become negative, you suffer,but there is some pay-off, and that is that people think you're very critical, very intelligent, very logical, this and that,and all nonsense! You suffer inside, but you cannot lose this profit that comes out of negativity.All critical people suffer, but they become great leaders, they
become great thinkers. They suffer, they want to get out of their suffering, but they don't want to drop that profit comes out of being negative.

Monday 20 September 1977.

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