Sunday, May 20, 2007

When you approach a person with the deliberate desire to get love from him, he shrinks back. He is afraid of your exploitation; he does not want to be trapped, he does not want to be exploited in any way whatever. So he starts shrinking and the more he withdraws, the more you jump, because you see that you are losing your victim. The more after the person you are, the more he will escape. When you go to give love, a totally different response arises. The person feels loving toward you because you have not come to exploit. You have come to share, to give, and you will feel thankful if he accepts. And if he does not accept, you will not feel rejected, because that is his freedom-to accept or not to accept. Up to now this has been your problem: you are hankering to get love from people and you are afraid of people because they will reject. If you are hankering for love, how to get it? You are going to be rejected; you are creating rejection yourself. Change this! Go and give and forget about getting anything in return. It comes, a thousand fold it comes, and then it's coming is beautiful because you were not even expecting it. Then it is a great joy, a surprise. Once you have learned the art of the giving, you will be getting so much love that you cannot contain it.
Gods Got a Thing about You.

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