Sunday, May 13, 2007

I have heard of many people in India and outside India who have remembered their past lives, but strangely enough, somebody in his past life was Alexander the Great, somebody in his past life was Ivan the Terrible, somebody in his past life was Napoleon Bonaparte. It seems in his past lives everybody has been some great historical figure, and it is strange to see that Alexander the Great is a beggar today. One goes on evolving from Alexander the Great you will become a greater Alexander-but you are a beggar. These are all imaginations. These are all peoples wish fulfilments, and peoples unconscious minds are such that they can supply any idea to console you. If you are very inferior in this life, it is hurting. You are not rich, you are not beautiful, you are not a great celebrity; you are just a nobody. It hurts. It starts hurting so much that the unconscious mind creates an imagination, a projection that' Don't be worried, in a past life you were Cleopatra-the most beautiful woman ever born. You have enjoyed it, now let others enjoy. Don't suffer, just remember your past life.' This gives great consolation. One feels,' That's perfectly right. I have already enjoyed. Other people also need some chances.' It helps you forget your inferiority.
Christianity: The Deadliest Poison and Zen: The antidote to all Poisons.

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