Saturday, May 19, 2007

It always happens that when you start new work, you are very creative, you are deeply involved, your whole being is in it. Then by and by, as you become acquainted with the territory, rather than being inventive and creative you start being repetitive. This is natural, because the more skilled you become in any work, the more repetitive you become. Skill is repetitive. So all great discoveries are made by amateurs, because a skilled person has too much at stake. If something new happens, what will happen to the old skill? The person has learned for years and now has become an expert. So experts never discover anything; they never go beyond the limit of their expertise. On the one hand, they become more and more skilful, and on the other hand they become more and more dull and the work seems to be a drag. Now there is nothing new that can be a thrill to them-they already know what is going to happen, they know what they are going to do; there is no surprise in it. So here is the lesson; It is good to attain to skill, but it is not good to settle with it forever. Whenever the feeling arises in you that now the thing is looking stale, change it. Invent something, add something new, delete something old. Again be free from the pattern-that means be free from the skill-again become an amateur. It needs courage and guts, to become an amateur again, but that's how life becomes beautiful.
Everyday OSHO.
Number two.

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