Sunday, May 13, 2007

If you can function as if you have no problems, you will find that you don't have any problems! All problems are make-believe; you believe in them, and that's why they are there. It is autohypnosis: You go on repeating that you are this way and that way, that you are inadequate or incapable. You repeat this, and it becomes a mantra; it sinks into your heart and becomes reality. Just try to function as if you have no problems, and suddenly you will see that you have a totally different quality: you don't have any problems! And then it is up to you whether you take up the problems again or you drop them forever. A problem can be dropped so easily if you understand it is you holding the problem, not the problem holding you. But we cannot live without problems, so we go on creating them. One feels so alone without problems- there is nothing left to be done. With the problem you feel very happy-something has to be done, and you have to think about it, it gives you an occupation. This continuous idea that you are inadequate and you are incapable and you are this and that-this is basically very egoistic. You want to be so adequate, but why? You want to be really tremendously capable, but why? Why can't you be satisfied with all the inadequacies and limitations that are there? Once you accept them, you will see that you start to flow more easily.
Everyday OSHO.
Number 32

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