Friday, May 18, 2007

When I say that there is no commitment to my sannyas, I mean that there is nothing to be done, nothing to be imitated. There are no rules to follow. You are totally free. I throw you into an openness. That is what is meant by initiation. It is not narrowing you down; it is giving you an open sky. It is pushing you so that you can fly in an open sky. Of course, there are no routes and no road maps; there cannot be. There cannot be any path through the sky, you have to fly alone, you have to depend on yourself alone. Your own existence will be your sole company, the only company. Life is just like the open sky. It is not like a path on the earth; you cannot follow it. Following is impossible; you have to go alone. Initiation means that now I push you into the aloneness. Now you are totally alone, not depending on anyone, not even me. It requires courage. To imitate is easy; to follow is easy; to depend on someone is easy. But to be totally alone -- with no map, no discipline, no system -- requires the greatest courage. A sannyasin means one who is courageous. This courage is not something that can be imitated; it has to be developed through living. You will err, you will go astray -- that is implied in it. But by erring you will learn, and by going astray you will come to what is right. There is no other way. You have to pass through many difficulties. This walking alone, this flying alone -- one has to pass through this austerity.
I Am The Gate,
pp. 25-26

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