Monday, May 21, 2007

OSHO:How are you?

DIVYANANDA. Okay -- a little confused, but... There’s a part of me that keeps looking at the whole sexuality and wants to go' Agh! Enough!' But I don't know how to get out of it.

OSHO. [With a chuckle] There is no need to get out of anything.


OSHO. Enjoy it! Why get out of it? If, by enjoying it, one day you are out of it, that too his okay -- but there is no need to get out of it. Whatsoever comes natural is good -- easy is right.

DIVYANANDA. I was in the garden the other day, I was looking around, and suddenly there was something about it.... I was looking at it and suddenly something that isn't natural.... The homosexuality -- I suddenly looked at it as not being natural.

OSHO. No, no, no. The unnatural cannot happen -- that's my definition of nature. How can the unnatural happen, just tell me? If it happens it must be natural [With a chuckle] -- otherwise how can it be? And it is happening only to man because man is more alert and conscious, because man is more intelligent -- he finds out new ways to relate So nothing to be worried about! In fact when you are in love with a woman or a woman is in love with a man, it is a biological phenomenon. When a man is in love with a man or a woman is in love with a woman, it is more psychological than biological. In fact it shows that you have, in a way, gone beyond the ordinary biology. You have taken a step aside -- you are fed up with the ordinary biology, you want to relate in a certain new way which only man can do. So always look at things in a very positive attitude. It has happened to you, it must be something in you that has evolved into it. Now don't bother what others say -- nobody has the right to interfere with your life. It is your life, and if you decide to be homosexual it is perfectly okay. Accept it in deep love and gratitude. Always look at things so that you can find something good to be happy about. Life is short, and happiness is very difficult, so don't miss any opportunity to be happy.
OSHO For Madmen Only. Darshan Diary. Friday April 22.1977.


Tarun Kamra said...

i see this post and i have the same question as this questioner
really that's what i want
this answer i want
i want to accept myself
i am whatever
i dont know my sexuality
i behave anonymously weird sexuality and not permanent
i am biologically man
i feel women but
i like men too sometimes
and not fixed sexuality
sexual being
but i saw this osho answer to the question

see this link . and please clear my doubt
i have not met osho ever
and i know him only thro books, videos, meditation
but in my depth something says
osho wants me to accept whatever i behave and do
but i see this is the same osho which condemns homosexuality as unnatural , perverted
and to be converted to heterosexuality .
and till i leave this desire to convert whatsoever a little or how much part of me getting into homosexual ..just if i do a little
that too needs to be hetero.
please answer

pedro said...

It makes no difference wether youre gay or hetero, because both paths should lead you to the final goal of real chastity. But if youre still in the level of desiring sex, because it makes you really happy, its because you havent reached the point of dropping it. Like any other material habit we have, sexual acts should only be "abdicated" if you have reach the point of true understandment of them and the influence it has on turning you away forom who you really are. Therr is no point in convinving a meat eater to be vegetarian... he should come to that conclusion himself, after getting tired of eating so much meat, and understanding that that is actually a hindrance for his development. But that he has to experience himself, by doing what he thinks its right at the moment and assessing the truth contained in such activities. Just like heterossexuals, homossexuals are bound to grow ABOVE sex... so the material means for that are slightly different, but the outcome is supposed to be the same. Now... to expect osho to say homossexualism is a matter of peraonal identity, its a bit naive.