Monday, May 21, 2007

Your problem is that you don't have any problems-you create them. You have got into the habit of creating them-and you enjoy them. This is the problem: If one starts enjoying problems, it is very difficult to get out because you have much investment in them. Otherwise you can get out right this moment. Not for a single moment you need to wait, because they are your created problems.There are people who have real problems, there are people whohave imaginary problems. Your problems are imagination. There is nothing wrong in their being imaginative. You are an imaginative person, a creative person. You not only write novels,you have created a novel around you. It is just a fiction,all your problems are just fictitious, because I can see that your energy is absolutely pure; there is no problem at all. So in a way it is very simple to get out of them; in a way it is very difficult. If there is a problem, something can be done. But there is no problem so nothing can be done. You will have to get out of it.

Monday 20 September 1977.

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