Wednesday, May 16, 2007

If somebody says' You are beautiful' your mind doesn't believe it because from the very childhood everybody has been telling you' Become this, be that, otherwise you will be left behind -- nobody will take care of you' You have listened to all those things, you have believed in them and you have been trying to improve upon yourself. Still you know that the goal is far away -- you are not yet beautiful. In your deepest mind you don't think that you are beautiful. You think you're horrible, you think you are ugly, you think this, you think that. So when somebody says that you are beautiful how can you believe it? It doesn't fit, it simply goes against your whole structure; you reject it. But when somebody says that you are horrible it simply goes into your structure, becomes part of it."
Darshan Diary.
Saturday 22 April. 1978.

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