Friday, May 18, 2007

The spiritual search is as illusory as any other search. The search itself is illusory because it has taken one thing for granted: that something is missing. And nothing is missing! Once you take it for granted that something is missing you start looking for it; then you go on looking for it in all directions. And the more you search the more you will miss it, because the more you search the more dust-covered the mirror becomes. The more you travel to seek it, the farther and farther you go in search of it, the more and more frustrated you become. Slowly, slowly you start thinking that it is so far away... "That's why I am not reaching it." The reality is just the opposite: you are not reaching it because you are it. It is not far away, it is so close by that even to call it "close" is not right, because even closeness is a kind of distance. It is not distant at all, it breathes in you. It is not there, it is here. It is not then, it is now. It has always been with you. From the very beginning everyone is a Buddha, everyone is a mirror capable of reflecting.
Page 166

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