Thursday, May 17, 2007

I will take you out of your womanhood and manhood both! One has to go beyond both because both are imprisonment. One should not be so attached to the biology. One should start freeing oneself from biology, then from psychology and then ultimately even from spirituality. That's the goal of Buddha. Then nothingness arises-when you are freed from all identities, when you are neither body nor mind nor soul. The ordinary person lives identified with the body. He is man, woman, black, white, beautiful, ugly, young, old. Those are his definitions of his being. They are not untrue, a part of truth is in them, but neither are they true because much untruth is also there. Man is far more than his body. The body is more or less accidental. It is just a coincidence that you are in a female body and somebody is in a male body. These are just clothes. If a person gets a little deeper into his being the body is not so important. But then the mind takes hold of him: he becomes a Hindu or Mohammedans or a Christian or a Communist.... ideologies and philosophies. That is a little wider than the body but still, a confinement. If one goes a little deeper than one becomes the soul, self. One is no more Hindu or Mohammedan or Christian-one is simply consciousness.
Let Go!
Darshan Diary.
Wednesday 26 April 1978.

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