Tuesday, May 15, 2007

To forgive one's parents is one of the most difficult things, because they have given birth to you-how can you forgive them? Unless you start loving yourself, unless you come to a state in which are thrilled by your being-how can you thank your parent's? It is impossible. You will be angry-they have given birth to you, and they didn't even ask you first. They have created this horrible person. Why should you suffer because they decided to give birth to child? You were not a party to it. Why have you been dragged into the world? Hence the rage. If you come to a point where you can love yourself, where you feel really ecstatic that you are, where you're gratefulness knows no limitation, then suddenly you feel great love arising for your parents. They have been the doors for you to enter into existence. Without them this ecstasy would not have been possible- they have made it possible. If you can celebrate your being -- and that is the whole purpose of my work, to help you to celebrate your being -- then suddenly you can feel gratitude for your parents, for their compassion, their love. You can not only feel grateful, you also forgive them.
Number 48.

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