Monday, May 21, 2007

Remember: each human being, maybe the human being is Alexander the Great or just a beggar on the roadside, each human being is as fragile as anybody else. Deep down he is the same-the same consciousness, the same fear,the same death, the same lust, the same love: all exists the same.Accept yourself, allow your unconscious to be revealed to you. This is how each human being is. By knowing it, you become a different kind of human being. By accepting it, cherishing it, you bring a revolution to your life. And when you look at others with that understanding, you will not find strangers; you will find all are friends.Nervousness disappears; what is there to be nervous about? We are all in the same boat."
Tarot in the Spirit of Zen.
Page 198.

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peyton swayer said...

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