Saturday, May 19, 2007

Homosexuality is not such a big problem, it is not a problem at all, in fact. It is part of human freedom. There is nothing wrong if two persons choose a certain style of sexual relationship; it should be nobody's business. But the priests and the politicians are poking their noses into everything! They create guilt in you -- absolutely unnecessary. If two men are in love, what is wrong in it? What harm are they doing to anybody? In fact, they look happier than the heterosexuals; that's why they are called "gay".... Homosexuals become more feminine and they start having a certain beauty, a certain "richness" about them, a certain roundness, a grace.... Why make much out of a simple thing? If you are enjoying a relationship with a man, enjoy it! The Christian God himself seems to be homosexual -- the whole trinity consists of three men. How they are managing it nobody knows -- not a single woman! Only the Holy Ghost is a little suspect -- maybe the Holy Ghost is bisexual? Ghosts can do any kind of thing! Otherwise the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost -- what kind of trinity is this? It is very homosexual! They have not allowed a single woman to be in it, just to keep out of trouble. One woman would have destroyed the whole trinity; it would have become a real triangle! So homosexuality is not a problem. We should start looking at real problems and should not be concerned about unreal problems. There are real problems to be solved. And this is a trick of the human mind: to create unreal problems so that you become occupied with them while real problems go on growing. And this is an old strategy: politicians, priests, so-called religious leaders go on giving you pseudo-problems to solve so that you become occupied with the pseudo. The problem in itself is meaningless, the problem is not a problem at all, but how much fuss has gone on down the ages about homosexuality! There are countries where people are still killed for homosexual acts, murdered, sentenced to jail for their whole lives. Strange world! This is a 20th Century world? Homosexuality is not a problem at all; there are thousands of real problems to be solved. But man has to be kept engaged with toys. My effort is to withdraw all your attention from toys so that you can focus on the real problems of life; and if you focus on the real problems of life, they can be solved. Now, I don't see how homosexuality becomes a problem. How does it become a problem? Why should it be of concern to anybody? A love affair is two individuals' private concern; it is their intimacy, it is not a social phenomenon. And, in fact, it will help the world population if more people turned homosexual. It will be good, very good for the world: less people will be born, the earth will be less burdened, there will be less poverty. Of course, less orphans and less Mother Teresa’s! There will be less need for contraceptives, birth control methods, sterilization, and of course the whole business of the Polack Pope will go out of his hands. That is his whole business! For one year continuously, he has been talking against contraceptives, against birth control, sterilization, abortion. Homosexuality can solve all these problems simply! So I don't see there is much problem in it.... Don't make unnecessary problems for yourself, so that your whole energy can become focused on the essential problem. And the essential problem is only one: Know thyself!
The Goose Is Out, #3


anastacia said...

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Abhishek Singh said...

Thanks a lot for this information.
You are a great person creating all kinds of doubts and confusion. People really would get deepressed if they read you because sometimes you support one thing and say against it the other time. My mind is fully filled with confusion reading osho and even the sannayasis don't help to clarify doubts. You can easily make life of a normal person a real hell and take away all their little hope with which they are at least living with some happiness.
Why don't you let people live in their own harmony. Why do you create unnecessary pscylogical tensions. I am also a victim of you. And today my life is in darkness and hell and no Osho sannayasi is willing to help me or guide because they themselves don't know the real truth , the real knowledge.

Jaydip Ghosh said...

After all homosexuality is not and is against the order of the nature... This kind or form of love satiates sex but leads to no creativity... It doesn't and can't create life... That it would solve the problem of world's over population, and poverty, etc. is totally misguiding and misleading and is based on silly justification.