Thursday, May 10, 2007

Accept yourself as you are, and accept totally, unconditionally. That is the way existence wants you to be; the way you are, exactly, precisely. That's how you are needed here in this moment. Don't try to change. The very effort to change is foolish, because who is going to change? The very effort is foolish because you are trying to pull yourself up by your shoelaces. You may jump a little, but you will be back again on the same earth, and in a worse condition because guilt will come in; you couldn't succeed you, failed. At least learn one thing from me-total acceptance. And total acceptance brings transformation of its own accord: that's the beauty of it. When you accept yourself you start moving-not that you force, not that you push the river, not that you fight; you flow with life. Wherever it leads is the goal. I am not giving you any goal. I am not giving you any ideal.
Come Follow to You.

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