Sunday, May 06, 2007

All the paralysed people-psychologically paralysed, spiritually paralysed, I mean-live life in hell. And how do they create it? The secret is that they live in fear; they only do a certain thing when there is no fear, but then there is nothing left worth doing. All that is worth doing has certain fears around it. If you fall in love there is fear because you may be rejected. Fear says, ' Don't fall in love, then nobody will reject you'. That is true-if you don't fall in love nobody will ever reject you-but then you will live a loveless existence, which is far worse than being rejected. And if one rejects you, somebody else will accept you. The people who live out of fear think more of not committing mistakes. They don't commit any mistakes but they don't do anything else either; their life is blank. They don't contribute anything to existence. They come, they exist-they vegetate rather-and then they die. Never be afraid. Take risks and listen to the heart. Even if sometimes it says to do mad things, do them! Only then will you live the life of thrill.
Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast.
Darshan Diary.
Thursday to February 1978

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