Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Chinese Zen Master had organized a great celebration. People asked him about it because that type of celebration was only arranged at one's master's birthday. Nobody had ever known this man to follow anybody. He had been to a certain master but it was known that the master refused to accept him as a disciple. So for who was he celebrating? He said," Because that Master refused to except me as his disciple, he is my master" They said," We don't follow. What do you mean? When he refused, he refused. He never accepted you as his disciple." He said," That's why I am celebrating. If he had excepted me , I would've been lost. He threw me to me, to myself. He said," Be a light onto your self." When he rejected me, he accepted me. He said," I will not allow you to imitate me, to be a carbon copy. I will not allow you to become a disciple of mine." His compassion was great; and he loved me tremendously, that's why he rejected me.
Osho Times

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