Saturday, May 12, 2007

Q. So an enlightened person like yourself would never react to anything? If I got angry and jumped up and down here, or swore at you, you would not react? Might you act, though?

OSHO replies; No. I will respond, I will not react. Reaction is impossible. Reaction is always unconscious; and response is always conscious. For example, Jesus says if somebody hits on your one cheek, give him your other too. Being a Christian, if I hit you on your one cheek, you may remember Jesus' statement and you may give me the other cheek. This is reaction. You are not responding to the moment. Your mind is reminding you what has to be done, what it is right to do. This is the moment when you can prove you are really a Christian. All these things will not take much time-just in a flash. That will be reaction. Response is unpredictable.

Q. It's not conditioned?

Osho replies; No, it is not conditioned. It is unpredictable because it is not Christian, it is not Hindu, it is not Buddhist. It is my individuality, so even I cannot say, if you get angry, what I will do.
The Last Testament.

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