Saturday, May 05, 2007

Here's what Osho has said about HOMOPHOBIA:

The people who hate homosexuals are homosexuals themselves. Otherwise, why should one hate them? Hate is love upside down. Hate is love doing a head stand. Hate knows yoga postures. And just by sitting on your head, do you think you are a different person? Many fools think that way. Sitting on their heads, they think they are yogis. Otherwise, they were just ordinary people. Now, standing on their heads, they are special people. Distorting their bodies, they think they are coming closer to God. Hate is a trick: YOU HATE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO REPRESS. And hate is not good. Because it does not harm the other, it simply harms you. There are millions of people who hate homosexuals. That simply means millions of people have the capacity of becoming homosexuals if the opportunity is given to them. They have a deep longing for the forbidden fruit. Just to keep themselves in control, they create a great wall of hatred. That is sometimes the case, and sometimes it is a simple ordinary phenomenon of life that WE DON'T LIKE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT LIKE US. People who are unlike us, we hate. Why? --Because they create suspicion in us. Hindus hate Mohammedans, not that there is anything specific to hate in Mohammedans. Mohammedans hate Hindus, not that there is anything special in Hindus that has to be hated. But, whosoever is not like us has to be hated. Because he is a stranger, an outsider. And the outsider creates fear. And who knows? Maybe he is right! To protect yourself from this doubt, you create a safety measure. That hate functions as a shelter, as safety. It is not a question of homosexuality. If you don't dress as other people dress, they hate you, they don't like you. Anybody who is not behaving like you, not living like you, is hated. People are against you just because you look different. The homosexual has a very different lifestyle. And you are heterosexual. He belongs to a different religion. He has a different politics. He is not a man like you. The moment somebody says that he is gay, a great gap arises. Now, how can you communicate? ALL THESE FEARS HAVE TO BE DROPPED. These are all defence measures. They simply show that you are not yet settled in your being, afraid any outsider influence may take you away, off your ground.
Be Still& Know,
#10 .

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