Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am not interested at all to convert anybody to my ideology-I don't have any. Secondly, I believe that the very effort to convert anybody is violence, it is interfering in his individuality, in his uniqueness, into his freedom. So my function is not that of teacher, not that of a prophet, not that of a saviour, not that of a messenger. My function simply is that of a reminder. I want just to be a mirror to you so that you can see your original face. And if you can see a Buddha in me, there is no difficulty in seeing a Buddha in you too-maybe a little lazy, a little sleepy, a little gone off the track. But a Buddha is a Buddha. It does not matter whether his nuts and bolts are a little loose, we will fix them. Ones Buddhahood is one's essential nature. I don't want you to worship Buddha’s, I want you to become Buddha’s. That is the only right worship. If you love it, become it."
Beyond Enlightenment.
October 29. 1986

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