Monday, May 07, 2007

Misery consists of unawareness. Misery has no outer cause for it, the cause is inner. You go on throwing the responsibility outside, but that is just an excuse. Yes, it is triggered from the outside but the outside does not create it. Somebody insults you: the insult comes from the outside but the anger is inside you. The anger is not caused by the insult, it is not the effect of the insult. If there were no anger energy in you the insult would have remain impotent. It would have simply passed, you would not been disturbed by it. In fact, when you are carrying your anger energy you are waiting for somebody to insult you, you are searching for somebody to insult you, because without finding somebody to insult you it will be so difficult to be angry. If you cannot find anybody who can trigger it then you will become a self triggered: you will imagine something or you will think of the past or even of the future and you will trigger it yourself. But then it looks more neurotic, so the rational mind always tries to find an excuse for it; and there are millions of excuses available. A man may be there who can create passion in you, but the passion is in you. He may be just an instrument in bringing it to the surface of your consciousness. He may be a catalyst but he is not the cause. Causes don't exist outside human consciousness, causes exist inside you. You are the cause of your life, and to understand this is to understand one of the most basic truths. To understand this is to start a journey of transformation.
Believing The Impossible Before Breakfast.
Darshan Diary
Friday 10 February 1978.

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