Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nothing is literal with me. All is poetic, symbolic. And you cannot guess what I really mean if you just catch the word and carry it in a dead way. You will be able to carry the word only if you play with it, sing with it, and continuously keep in contact with your Heart. The word that I throw in you is just like a stone thrown in the lake. Those ripples arise. That is the real work. The stone is just a device to create those ripples. Forget that stone; it has done its work. Now move with the ripples. It has started a chain; that will only be a beginning. The end is going to be very, very far away. By the time you have an end result you will not be able to relate it to the stone. You will not be able to fit them together as cause and effect. Hats what Jung means by synchronicity.
At the Feet of the Master.

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