Friday, May 11, 2007

THE SPECIAL FEAR. " It's a good kind fear when you don't know what exactly it is. It simply means that you are on the verge of something unknown. When your fear has some object, it is an ordinary fear. One is afraid of death-it is a very ordinary fear, instinctive; there's nothing special about it. Being afraid of old age or disease, illness-these are ordinary fears, garden-variety.
The special fear is when you cannot find an object for it, when it is there for no reason at all. That makes one really scared! If you can find a reason, the mind is satisfied. If you can answer why, the mind has some explanation to cling to. All explanations help things to be explained away, they don't do anything else, but once you have a rational explanation, you feel satisfied It is better to see the thing as it is without asking why. Something unknown is hovering around you, as it is going to hover around every seeker.

This is the fear every seeker has to pass through. I am not here to give you explanations but to push you into it. I am not a psychoanalyst-I am an existentialist. My effort is to make you capable of experiencing as many things as possible-love, fear, anger, greed, violence, compassion, meditation, beauty, and so forth The more you experience these things, the richer you become.
Everyday OSHO.
Number 15.

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