Monday, May 07, 2007

There are some things that cannot be done; they only happen. The things that can be done, those things belong to the world. Things that cannot be done belong to God or belong to the other world, or however you name it. Things that cannot be done-only these are the real things. They always happen to you; you become the receiving end-and that is the meaning of surrender. Become a receiving end-be patient and just wait. Wait with deep love, prayerfulness, gratitude-gratitude for that which has already happened, and patience for that which is going to happen. Ordinarily the human mind does just the opposite. It is always grumbling for that which has not happened, and it is always to impatient for it to happen. It is always complaining, never grateful. It is always desiring, and never creating the capacity to receive. The desire is futile if you don't have the capacity to receive.
At the Feet of the Master.

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