Saturday, May 05, 2007

Accept yourself--Don't repress! Your body and your senses have been repressed. You were helpless, and are not responsible for this repression. You were brought up in such a way that nobody allowed your senses freedom.In the name of love, only repression continues. The mothers, the fathers, the society, they go on repressing. By and by they teach you a trick, and the trick is: not to accept yourself, to deny yourself

Everything has to be channelized into conformity. Your wilderness has to be thrown into the dark part of your soul, and a small corner has to be clean -- like a drawing room, where you can see people, meet people, and live -- and forget all about your wilder being, your real existence. Your fathers and your mothers are not responsible either, because they were brought up in the same way. So nobody is responsible. But once you know it, and you don't do anything, then you become responsible. Being near me I am going to make you very, very responsible, because you will know it. And then if you don't do anything, you cannot throw the responsibility on anybody else. Your senses have been destroyed in this way, and it is up to you to revive them. Get rid of your repressive mind completely! Unblock yourself! Start flowing again! Start connecting again with your being. Start connecting with your senses again. You are like a disconnected telephone line. Everything looks perfectly okay: the telephone line is there, but the line is disconnected. Your eyes are there, your hands are there, your ears are there -- but the line is disconnected. Reconnect it! If it can be disconnected, it can be reconnected. Others have disconnected it because they were also taught in the same way, but you can reconnect it.
Yoga, The Alpha & The Omega,
Vol.9, p.92

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