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There is nothing wrong in being homosexual -- You need not feel guilty about it. One certainly has to go beyond sex, but that is as applicable to heterosexuality as it is applicable to homosexuality. Heterosexuality or homosexuality are just different styles of the same stupidity! You need not feel guilty. In fact, looking at the population of the world, homosexuality should be suported. At least you will not be increasing the population of the world, you will not be loading the earth more. It is already loaded too much.

Homosexuality should be, respected supported -- It is pure fun! Heterosexuality is dangerous. And what is wrong? If two persons are enjoying each other's bodies, nothing is wrong. It should be their concern, nobody else's business to interfere. But the society is continuously interfering in everything; it does not leave anybody any privacy. It enters in your bedroom too. Your society is not a free society. It talks of freedom and democracy and all that rot, but it is pure slavery, it is a big prison. And your priests and your so-called God are all Peeping Toms. They are all looking into your private lives to see what you are doing. It should be nobody else's business.
What is wrong in loving a man or a woman? Two men can love each other, two women can love each other. Love is a value in itself. And fun should not be condemned. Life is already such a burden, such a drag, such a boredom. Leave at least something in life so people can feel a little less bored. Here you need not feel afraid to show yourself the way you are. My whole approach is to help you to be the way you are, because that is the only way to help you transcend it. Feel guilty and you will remain the same. Guilt never transforms anybody. And homosexuality is such an innocent phenomenon. Why is it so much condemned? The reason is that if it is not condemned, the fear is that almost everybody will turn homosexual because every child has the tendency. Every child passes through the stage when he is homosexual. Every boy, every girl, passes through a time when boys like boys and girls like girls. The fear is that if many people turn homosexual -- particularly in the past when the population was not big and every society wanted greater numbers because numbers meant power... To allow homosexuality was dangerous; it had to be condemned, absolutely condemned, so much so that in a few countries it is the greatest crime.

For example, in Ayatollah Khomaniac's country, Iran, it is one of the greatest crimes. You can be sentenced for your whole life or you can even be sentenced to death -- just for being homosexual. It seems absolutely absurd, ridiculous, but in the past there was some reason for it. Every society wanted to be more powerful. It was a constant struggle -- a struggle between groups, a struggle between tribes, a struggle between clans -- who will succeed? And the only deciding factor was your number, how many you were. If people became homosexual, then numbers will decrease. Hence it has to be condemned as the greatest sin. It may have some meaning if you think of the past, but in the present it is absolutely meaningless. In fact, the whole situation has become just the opposite, now heterosexuality is the danger; less numbers are needed. If humanity goes on growing this way, then we cannot support humanity, we cannot live any longer. By the end of this century the population will be so much, the poverty will be so much that there seems to be no way out except for a Third World War which will kill almost everybody so that a few people can start the whole story again.

I have heard a story, a twenty-first century story: The Third World War has happened, and a monkey is sitting on a rock taking a sunbath. And a female monkey comes with an apple and gives the apple to the monkey. And the monkey says, "My God, are we going to start it all over again?"

Homosexuality is condemned because there is every possibility, if it is not condemned, that many more people will turn towards it. The inner tendency is there in every person. In fact the person who is against it, the more he is against it, the more he has the tendency. Deep down, unconsciously, he knows it is there. To repress it he has to be very much against it. He feels disgusted by the very idea -- but nobody is telling him to become homosexual. But if others feel attracted, then it is not your business to interfere or to condemn them. It is their freedom! And they are not doing any harm to anybody. It is a harmless game -- stupid, certainly, but not a sin.
But as far as stupidity is concerned all sex is stupid, for the simple reason that it is a biological urge and you are not the master of it, you are just a victim. And you need not be so much worried about it because homosexuality has a very beautiful origin: it originated in the monasteries. It is something religious: The first homosexuals were monks and nuns -- Christian, Buddhist, Jaina, all great religions have contributed their share to it. It was bound to be so because there are monasteries in existence even now where no woman has ever entered.
In a Catholic monastery in Europe in Mount Athos, for one thousand years no woman has entered; not even a six month-old girl has been allowed to enter. What kind of people are living there? A six month-old girl and they are afraid even of that! What can they do? But repressing sex creates fear. So the whole monastery is full of men; and homosexuality is a natural by product if only boys are together or only girls are together. Religious people have contributed greatly.

Educationalists have contributed greatly, because boys have to be educated separately. They have to reside in different hostels specially for them and girls have to stay aloof in separate hostels, in separate schools. If you put too many girls together they are bound to become lesbians, because when the sexual urge takes possession of them and they cannot find the boy, then anything is better than nothing...

Human society has been forced so much to live in unnatural circumstances -- and a monastery is one of the most unnatural circumstances. It is a zoo, a religious zoo. Homosexuality was born there, so you need not feel very bad about. You are a religious person! And you have a great line of homosexuals... If you look for homosexuals you will be surprised: many poets, many authors, many painters, many musicians, many dancers, many great people, many creative people, were homosexuals. Many Nobel prize-winners have been homosexuals. And don't be worried about enlightenment either because at least one homosexual I know became enlightened -- Socrates; he was a homosexual. And there are suspicions about Jesus. I cannot prove it, they are only suspicions -- because he moved with boys always. Those twelve apostles... who knows? But if he was, nothing is wrong in it. Socrates was certainly a homosexual, Plato was, Aristotle was. Greeks are great people... Greeks have been homosexuals for centuries. All their great people have been homosexuals. So you need not worry -- you have a great history behind you! Walt Whitman was a homosexual -- one of the greatest poets of all the ages. There seems to be something in homosexuality that makes people creative, or creative people are homosexuals. There is something in it and I can see where the point is. When you stop creating children, your creativity takes new turns, new dimensions. You create poetry, you create painting.
And the people who have been condemning homosexuality for ages are also condemning it for one more thing. As far as man/woman relationship is concerned, it is always on the rocks, because man cannot understand the mind of the woman, the woman cannot understand the mind of man. They are poles apart. That's their attraction, but that's also their conflict, constant conflict. If homosexuality is allowed, accepted, the fear is that many people will settle into homosexuality, because a man can understand the other man more easily -- they have the same mind.

And the women can understand each other more easily -- they have the same mind. That's why homosexuals are called "gay" people. They are really gay! The heterosexuals look so sad. Whenever you see a couple, you can immediately know whether they are married or not. If they are looking dull and dead they are married. Marriage kills all joy for the simple reason that it creates so many conflicts. Hence all societies have condemned it for the simple reason that if it is not condemned, what will happen to reproduction? In the past it had some meaning, but now it has no meaning.

Now the day has come when homosexuality can be accepted, should be accepted, as a natural outlet for your sexual energies. I am not against it -- I am not for it either. I am simply saying that if you have to live your sex you can choose your style, you are free to choose your style. If you decide to be stupid, at least you should be given the freedom of what kind of stupid you want to be! I give you total freedom. My effort here is to help you to go beyond it, so if you are homosexual you have to go beyond homosexuality, if you are heterosexual you have to go beyond heterosexuality. And there are other people who are neither, who are auto-erotic, auto-sexual. They have to go beyond their auto-eroticism.

Man has to transcend sex, whatsoever kind of sex it is, because unless you go beyond your biology you will never know your soul. But meanwhile -- before you go beyond -- it is your freedom to be whatsoever you want to be. Don't make a problem out of it. Nothing has to be done about it. I don't tackle individual problems. My whole approach is that there are millions of diseases, but there is only one cure and that cure is meditation.

You meditate -- homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual... You meditate. Become more still and more silent. Create inner emptiness. Become more transparent. And then things will start changing. You will be able to see what you are doing to yourself. And if it is right you will go on doing it with more joy, with more totality, with more intensity, with more passion. And if it is wrong it will simply drop, just like dead leaves falling from a tree.

So I cannot suggest any specific method because to me all the problems are arising because we have become minds and we have forgotten that deep down there is a space within us which can be called no-mind. Entering that space, no-mind, will give you perspective, vision, clarity. Meditate. Sit silently watching your thoughts -- homosexual, heterosexual, whatsoever they are, it doesn't matter. You watch, you become the witness. Slowly slowly a distance will be created between you and your thoughts. And one day suddenly -- the realization that you are not your mind. And that day a revolution has happened within you. After that day you will never be the same again. A transcendence will have happened. After that, whatsoever you do is right; you can't do wrong then. And before that, whatsoever you do is wrong. So when I say I have nothing against homosexuality I am not supporting it, remember. I am not saying, "Be homosexual." I don't have anything against heterosexuality either, but I am not supporting heterosexuality. I am not supporting anything. These are all mind games. And you have to go beyond all the games. -
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