Monday, May 07, 2007

All learning happens through meditation; it does not happen through study. That is accumulation of information, it is not learning. Always be alert about borrowed knowledge: howsoever precious it appears it is always false,pseudo-for you. It is not pseudo for the man who has lived it. It is true for Buddha, true for Jesus, true for Krishna, but not for you. Buddha also had the Scriptures available. He could have learned the Gita so absolutely that he would have been able to repeat it from memory, but then he would have missed Buddhahood. In Jesus' time the Old Testament was available, but Jesus tried to find out the truth for himself. This is something very essential to understand: truth has to be found by oneself. It is only by experiencing truth on your own that freedom happens. Freedom is the fragrance of the experience of truth.
The Dhammapada: The way of the Buddha.

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