Monday, May 07, 2007

That's the situation that almost everybody is in. Fear is the state of the normal human mind; one is afraid, simply afraid. It is not a question of what one does; all are excuses, just pegs to hang your fear on, that's all. So if you are here, you are afraid of that; if you go there, you are afraid of that. If you do this, you are afraid of this; if you do something else, you will be afraid of that. So rather than thinking about why you are afraid, go deeper into this state of fear. Don't be bothered by the excuses, they are irrelevant. Go into this fear, just be afraid -- why find excuses? If fear is there, then why not be simply afraid? And you will have a tremendous experience. From tonight, every night for one hour before you go to sleep, sit in the darkness of your room and just be afraid, for no reason at all. Tremble, shake, be afraid -- and remember, don't try to find any reason for it. There is no reason really. Man is fear, and if we can go deep into fear without finding any explanations, then the fear can be transformed into love. It is the same energy that becomes love. But first you have to go into it, to the rock bottom of it. So this has to be your meditation for a few days, and after six weeks report on how you are feeling.
Won't You Join The Dance?

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