Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Analysis is a vicious circle. If you really go into analysis, you will be simply puzzled-how is it possible? If, for example, you try to go into the past, where will you end? Where exactly? If you go into the past, were did your sexuality start? When you were fourteen years of age? But then it came out of the blue? It must've been getting ready in the body. So when? When were you born? But then when you were in the mother's womb, wasn't it getting ready? Then when? The moment you were conceived? But before that? Half of your sexuality was maturing in your mother's egg and half of the sexuality was maturing in your fathers sperm Now go on.. where will you end? You will have to go to Adam and Eve. And even then it does not end: you will have to go to Father God Himself. Why in the first-place did He create Adam? Analysis will always remain half, so analysis never helps anybody really. It cannot help. It makes you little more adjusted to your reality, that's all. It is a sort of adjustment. It helps you to attain a little bit of understanding about your problems, their genesis, how they have arisen. and that little intellectual understanding helps you to adjust to the society better, but you remain the same person. There is no transformation through it, there is no radical change through it."
Tantra Vision.
Volume One.

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