Tuesday, May 08, 2007

If you feel you are a fighter, if you enjoy fighting, not only that, if you are proud of being a fighter, then relax-fight totally! Then don't fight your fighting nature. That will be a let- go for you. It is perfectly beautiful to stand before the strongest storm and laugh. Don't feel guilty. Just try to understand one thing: when I say let go, I don't mean you have to change anything. I simply mean, what ever you feel that you are, just allow it in its totality. Be a fighter with your whole being, and in this totality you will find the melting of the heart. That will be the reward of being total. You do not need to do anything for it; rewards come on their own. Just be total in anything that you feel that you love, that you feel proud of. Don't create a split. Don't be half and half. Don't be partial. If you are total, one day-standing against the strongest storm, laughing-you will suddenly feel your heart melting in the sun. That will come to you as a reward. Man unnecessarily creates problems. I want you to understand that there are no problems in life except those you create. Just try to see: whatsoever feels good for you is good. Then go the whole way. Even if the whole world is against it, it doesn't matter. Whether you have been total and whole will be decided by the reward. If you start feeling at one point a sudden melting then you know you have not cheated yourself, that you have been sincere, true. Now that is really the point where you can be proud.
Beyond Psychology.

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