Friday, May 11, 2007

Don't create absolute ideas; remain flexible. Something may be good for you today and tomorrow it may not be good, because life goes on changing and you cannot step in the same river twice. Every thing is moving, a flux, so don't remain fixed. This is one of the diseases of the human mind: you become fixed, you lose flexibility-and flexibility is life. Look at a child; he is flexible. Look at an old man; he has become inflexible. The more flexible you are, the more alive and fresh and young. The more inflexible you become... already you are dead. Flexibility means responding to the moment without any preconceived idea-directly, immediately. Immediacy is flexibility. You look to the situation, you become aware to the situation, you are sensitive to the situation-and then you act. The action comes through the encounter of the situation and you, not from a past mind."
The Hidden Harmony.

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