Friday, May 11, 2007

If you look into existence.... and I am not a philosopher; I am simply existential, not even an existentialist, just existential- I see everywhere contradictions. Light cannot exist without darkness, darkness cannot exist without light.
For example, ordinarily people think that a blind man must be living in darkness. They are wrong. A blind man knows nothing of darkness, because to see darkness you need eyes. If a blind man cannot see light, he cannot see darkness. They are two poles of one phenomenon; for both, eyes are needed. Now it is almost impossible to conceive what the blind man experiences-no light, no darkness, then what? Is there something else that he feels? No. You must be thinking that a deaf person is enjoying silence continuously. You are wrong. A deaf person knows nothing of silence because he knows nothing of sound.
Sound and silence go together. Light and darkness go together. Everything... if you find anything, you can predict that there must be something polar opposite to it. Without the polar opposite, it cannot exist.
The Last Testament

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